The First Steps to Securing
a Highly-Paid Amazon Virtual Assistant Job

Even If You're Just Starting Out, Have Little Experience, & Don't Have a Portfolio Yet

WARNING: This is a long post (1,000+ words) and what you'll learn may help you land a P 40,000 client in a few short weeks.

You're probably reading this because you haven't reached the P100,000/month mark yet...

And you've probably tried everything. You applied on Upwork, Onlinejobs(dot)PH and other freelancing platforms.

And then you see the competition. They're more skilled, more experienced, and have better portfolios than you.

And you feel a bit insecure and overwhelmed... like you're fighting an uphill battle to finally break that 6-figure per month income.

If this is you, I hope this post will be exactly what you've been looking for...

...because I want to show you the first steps to earning P100,000 per month...while clocking fewer hours and doing much better work.

Most importantly, you don't need a fancy website, portfolio, or extensive experience.

Even more:

By applying what you learn here, you can beat more experienced and more skilled freelancers than you.


Okay. So what you need is what I call "CSSR."

Once you have this, you'll have a far better chance of landing that first 6-figure client or a set of clients that will help you make 6-figures.

So what's CSSR? It's...

C - onfidence

S - pecialty

S - olutions

R - esults

Let me break down each real quick:


==> You're a freelancer. So whether you like it or not, you're a business owner.

You set your working hours, pick your clients, and most importantly, DETERMINE how much you're worth.

Here's where it gets tricky...

You need to BELIEVE that you're an Amazon VA that's worth P100K/mo. If you don't, it will show in how you interact with your clients, how you approach them, and even how you speak.

So you need to figure out what are the beliefs that are stopping you from charging P100,000 per client.

Are you doubting your skills? Afraid you're not good enough? Not sure you're worth it?

Whatever it is, kill it. Remove it from your system. If you don't believe in yourself first, who will?

Now, there are a thousand ways to do that. There are a thousand ways to build your confidence. The the most effective way (I found) is becoming a specialist.

Let me explain why:

==> If you think you have cancer, do you visit a general physician or an oncologist?

An oncologist, right? They spent years and thousands of pesos to study your condition,

your problem, and how to solve it.

So they charge more and you don't even question it.

It's the same in every industry..even in digital marketing.

People will pay PREMIUM for specialists and experts.

Now, the great thing about being an Amazon VA is you DO NOT have to study for years or spend thousands to be seen as a specialist.

You simply need to be a couple of levels higher, better, smarter, & more capable than your clients.

(See what I said there? A couple levels higher than your clients...not your competition.)

Let me give you a quick example:

Remember your first year in high school? You thought the 4th year students were the best at everything? You thought they were smarter, better at sports, and have it all figured out.

After 3 years, you have freshmen thinking the same thing about you...

You see, it's all about perception. And you can change how clients see you by doing this one simple trick...

Naming yourself differently.

That's why don't call yourself a Virtual Assistant.

You're an Amazon Virtual Assistant. You're a Clickfunnels VA, a Social Media VA, so on and so forth.

Determine your specialty. Once you've done that, highlight the SOLUTIONS you can provide.

Oncologists help patients get rid of cancer.

If you’re an Amazon VA, what solutions do you provide?

Do you know? If you don’t, read #3...

==> Online business owners (especially Amazon FBA Sellers) pay for solutions.

If they're looking for Amazon VAs, it means they're growing...which also means they're swamped, unorganized, and need someone to save them from the stress...

Who can save them?

Well, I hope that's you.

And if that's you, they're willing to pay you PREMIUM...especially IF you can solve their problems faster.

The key here is finding the EXACT problems that are giving them stress...and then creating a *custom-fit solution* in your pitch.

Clients want more time & more revenue so they can take vacations, spend time with family, and do things that matter to them.

If they see that you're there to help them achieve those things, convincing them to hire you will be easy.

Now, the challenge is this:

How can you show them that? How can you prove that your custom-fit solutions work?

Well, that's where #4 comes in...

==> You need to prove you're trustworthy, credible, and capable.

The hard way is publishing testimonials on your Facebook page, writing case studies, or gathering 3rd party proof.

The simple way? DEMONSTRATING what you know by giving them "Results in Advance."

Here's how to do that:

Give them a tip that will significantly increase their income, make their life easier, or save them time.

If it needs to be a 5-min video breakdown of their business, system, or implementation, so be it.

If they're impressed and like your ideas, simply ask "Would you like me to do that for you?"

If they say "yes", congrats. That's one client...

If they say "no", move on to the next. It's their loss, not yours.

Remember #1? Confidence! Don't be needy. Don't chase. But don't cut the relationship either.

Who knows? Down the line, they'll become a client. Or, refer clients to you.

If you do this, the best case scenario is you land a client.

The worst case scenario is you added a business owner to your network who knows your specialty.

Win-win, right?


Can you see how having CSSR makes you a more attractive freelancer?

Don't you think this is far better than following "tactics" and "strategies" that only work for *hustlers* and *grinders*?

With CSSR, you can go out there and start prospecting right away.

Who knows?

A week from now, you'll land a P30K/month client.

6 months from now? You're already earning 100K/month with ease.

A year from now? You're already travelling around the world living the "laptop lifestyle."

You won't know unless you try.

Now, I know a lot of freelancers who don't have CSSR yet. They aren't confident, no specialty, no idea how to provide a solution, and don't have results to show.

If you're one of them, I want to show you how to become an Amazon VA Expert in 8 short weeks...

If you want to be a social media VA, clickfunnels VA, real estate VA, or other types of VA...

...this isn't for you.

The next post is ONLY for Filipinos who want to become highly-paid Amazon Virtual Assistants --- like I was 6 years ago before becoming an Amazon FBA Seller.

If you're interested, click this link.