Case Study:
How Ruben Closed 3 Clients in One Week 

ASVA Batch 4 Success Story

I want you to meet Ruben Tiongson...

He's one of the many successful students we've coached in Amazon Seller VA Masterclass. 

One of his accomplishments was closing 3 clients in one week. This is something most veterans can't even do. 

That's why we reached out to Ruben and asked him what he did (so you can do it too!)

Ruben's Step-By-Step Method to Getting Clients... 

So what did he do?

After finishing the Masterclass and Coaching Program, he sent out proposals.

More importantly, he was proactive with inviting prospects to a call. In the calls, he demonstrated his expertise. He was confident. He controlled the conversation and made sure he'll become a valuable asset to their company.

Now, not everyone agreed with Ruben's rate. Yet, all of them were impressed by how he handled himself. His clients saw an expert who knew what he was talking about.

That's a great spot to be in...

...because once that person has budget for an expert, they'll come back running to Ruben.

Now, it doesn't stop there.

We also asked Ruben for his EXACT process and methods for closing 3 clients in one week. And he generously shared it to us.

So here it is:

Ruben's Tips for Aspiring

Amazon Seller Virtual Assistants...

Tip #1: Always ask, listen, and learn from experts. There's no harm in asking advice from them via email or messenger.

Tip #2: Apply what you learned. If you fail, pause. Find out why and improve from there. It's okay to fail. What's important is you learn from it and don't do it again.

Tip #3: Do not underestimate the info you can get from Google and YouTube. Learn as much as you can. Don't be lazy when it comes to learning. Maximize your idle hours by learning how Amazon works.

Tip #4: Always be prepared. Get the right info before a client call. This will give you more confidence. You'll also know what to say to solve their problems or meet their needs.

Tip #5: Don't use flowery words. Go straight to the point. It's good to exchange pleasantries. But be focused on why you're there --- to bring value and be the person that would fit their current need.

Tip #6: If you get declined, move on. Try to detach yourself from the results. Focus on the process. Look back on your conversation. Try to look for ways to be better and close the deal faster.

Tip #7: Have a very good landing page or online portfolio showing your work and output in video format. Ikaw na mismo ang nanavigate and nagsasalita sa video. It increases your client's trust towards you before the call.

Here's Ruben's online portfolio:

Tip #8: You should be the perfect solution to the problems and needs they have. You can only become one by gaining experience from actually working and getting on client calls.

Tip #9: KEEP ON HUSTLING. FOCUS. GRIND HARD!! Don't rely on the word "luck." Create your own luck instead.

At the end, here's what Ruben had to say about the Amazon Seller VA Masterclass and its coaches:

"Coach Lish and the ASVA Team Leaders have completely opened my eyes that being not an honor student during my school days is not a measure and a guarantee of success. Good Attitude, Hard Work and Consistency is. 

ASVA has been a big part this for effectively showing me how to work from home as an Amazon Seller VA and earn more than what I was getting before as a call center agent"

If you also want to earn more than your full-time job, have flexible working hours, and close clients like Ruben...

...join the Amazon Seller VA Masterclass!