How to Become a 6-Figure ​Amazon VA Expert
Within a Few Months...

Everyone wants to be an expert. 

Most want the easy way. The "magic bullet" or training program that will give them expertise overnight.

I'm here to tell you it DOES NOT exist.

You need to work hard, work smart, sacrifice, and invest in yourself. 

Now, if you're one of the few that's willing to do that...

...then I have a way for you to shorten that learning curve. 

You won't have to work for YEARS to become an Amazon VA expert. You can become an expert in a few short months. 

How can I make such a guarantee? Well, it's because that's what I did in 2012...

I was working full-time for 10 clients
to generate a 6-figure income...

Can you handle more than 3 clients?



Don’t know?

Well, I handled 10. And yes, it's as tiring as it sounds.

And yes, I know you don't want that kind of life.

You want to work 4-6 hours per day WITHOUT doing much work and still earning 100,000 pesos or more per month.

That's why you started freelancing, right? That's why you started becoming a Virtual Assistant.

You want to work flexible hours, work from anywhere, and most importantly, earn more.

That's what I wanted too. Instead, I was more shackled as an Amazon Virtual Assistant.

I had several clients that sent me dozens of tasks daily. They wanted me to source new products, offer customer support, check inventory, and so much more.

I was being pulled in several different directions every single hour.

At the end of the day, I still had to be a mother and wife as well.

But you know what?

I wouldn't have traded that experience
for ANYTHING in the world...

You wanna know why?

It's because I became an Amazon VA Expert REALLY REALLY fast...


It’s because I didn't see it as working for different bosses. I saw it as working for different mentors.

Whenever I got something wrong, I got corrected. That's a PLUS for me! Now, I know what NOT to do next.

Whenever I got something right, I got praised. Sometimes even rewarded with all-expense paid trips, bonuses, and incentives.

It was a fantastic learning experience. Tiring, but worth it. 

Now, do you want to experience the same?

Do you want to get stable work as a Virtual Assistant?

Do you want to become a 6-figure Amazon VA expert
WITHOUT working for 10 clients at a time?

More importantly, do you want to increase your value in the becoming a valuable asset to a you can finally...

>>> Get paid 6-figures...
>>> Go on all-expense paid trips...
>>> and finally, live the "laptop lifestyle you've always been dreaming about?

If you do, become an Amazon Virtual Assistant.

You’ll find thousands of business owners who will treat you right, offer you incentives, even pay for your broken laptop.

If this is something you want, but not sure you can get, don’t worry.

I’m currently teaching Filipinos how to become Amazon Virtual Assistant Experts. I’m calling this program “Amazon Seller VA Masterclass.”

My goal for this Masterclass is simple…

You will learn in 8 weeks what took me 8 years to learn, experience, and endure...

This means you don’t have to work for clients like I did to become an Amazon VA Expert.

Within 8 weeks, you will BECOME an Amazon VA Expert. You’ll navigate Amazon Seller Central even better than your boss, offer great customer support...

...and basically become what your future client WANTS and DREAMS to have in his/her business.

You can join the Amazon Seller VA Masterclass by clicking here

Once you join, you’ll get:

* 100+ videos showing you the ins and outs of becoming an Amazon VA...

* 6 weeks of group coaching so you’ll always be on pace to find that first client and eventually make 6-figures per month...

* Tons of bonuses worth 30,000 pesos or more…

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