Case Study:
Amazon VA Expert after the Training Under ASVA Masterclass

ASVA Batch 1 Success Story

I want you to meet Bham.

She's one of my ASVA Masterlass students from batch 1. She's one of the reasons kung bakit may payment plan ako.

Most Filipinos can't pay for the full price. So I created a 3-month payment plan so that EVERYONE can afford it.

If you're curious, you can check out the payment plan here


Back to the story.

Last March 2018, I opened ASVA batch 1.

Got a lot of interest and around 32 Filipinos joined. One of them was Bham.

There wasn't anything special about her. She didn't have an impressive VA background, not much experience, and medyo nangangapa pa when we started.

But what I did see was grit, determination, and heart.

Ito kasi si Bham, humiram pa ng pera para maka sali using the 3-month payment plan. And I appreciated that.

I saw a Filipina that's ready to invest in herself, work hard, and bet on herself to succeed. You don't see much of that right now.

Kaya nga hindi ako nagulat nung nakakita siya ng client kaagad.

She was already working as an Amazon VA within weeks...

Nagulat nga ako.

I didn't expect any of my students would get results that quick. Yet, she proved me wrong.

Here's what she said:

Did she earn 6-figures right away? 

Of course not.

Pero nabawi niya ba enrollment fee niya? YES!

Nabayaran niya ba ang inutang niya to join? YES!

Nakakuha ba siya ng ROI from joining? YES!

12 weeks later...


She Earned More Than What She Paid For...

Now, I'm not going to say how much she's earning. But what I can say is this:

She's earning more money compared to 2017 while working far less hours.

Kasi nga, Amazon VA Expert na siya. What looks hard to her clients, napaka easy na lang sa kanya.

What takes hours for her clients to accomplish, she can do in just minutes.

In a nutshell, that's what I teach. No trial and errors. No theories.

All proven-and-tested lessons I learned as a VA for 8 years...

Now, you might be thinking Bham is an outlier. She's one of those super-hardworking Filipinas. Yung tipong walang pahinga hanggang makakuha ng results.

Not really. I have students that got their first clients a few weeks after Bham. For the sake of saving time, I won't list all their names here.

Do you want to know what I taught them? You don't have to join ASVA to find out. You can know by simply reading the details here.


I understand this isn't for everyone. Some of you here want to be a Real Estate VA, Clickfunnels VA, Shopify VA, etc....

I get that.

But let's not ignore the facts...

eCommerce is a booming business right now --- and Amazon is its leader. That's why many entrepreneurs are building eCommerce stores in Amazon.

And most of them are looking for help. They're looking for Virtual Assistants. And not just ordinary VAs, but Amazon VA Experts.

If you want to tap into this booming business (to earn more) then consider becoming an Amazon VA Expert.

And the only program that's teaching how to do that right now is my ASVA Masterclass.

With my masterclass, you can be seen as an Amazon VA Expert...

...and get your first client within weeks (like Bham).

If you think this is not for you, then simply ask for a refund. You're protected by my 14-day money back guarantee.

This means that you have 14 FULL DAYS to check out my program, attend my coaching calls, and access the bonuses.

If you think this is not for you, send us a message and I'll send 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

And don't worry. We'll still be friends even if you ask for a refund. 

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